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The Covered Bridge is a vestige of a time long gone. Most of the bridges that once spanned rivers and creeks in mostly rural areas are now gone. Most were the victims of floods, fire, or the development of modern highways.

Over the past several years, I have followed my interest in things "old" and interesting to photograph the remaining bridges in Maryland, my home state of Virginia and my new home state, North Carolina.

Maryland Covered Bridges

Lot's Station Gilpin Falls

Loy's Station - Frederick County

Gilpin Falls - Cecil County

Roddy Road Flycatcher Farm

Roddy Road - Frederick County

Flycatcher Farm - Cecil County

Utica Mills Jerico

Utica Mills - Frederick County

Jericho - Baltimore County

Virginia Covered Bridges

Bob White Humpback

Bob White - Woolwine (destroyed by a storm, 2015)

Humpback - Covington

Jack's Creek Meem's Bottom

Jack's Creek - Woolwine

Meem's Bottom - Mt. Jackson

Sinking Creek

Sinkng Creek - Newport


North Carolina Covered Bridges

Bunker Hill Pisgah

Bunker Hill - Catawba County

Pisgah - Randolph County

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