This page is dedicated to all the stuff that got left out of, put in incorrectly, or just plain messed up in the second edition of my book, The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter!


Expense Account Item 1:

I have added some interesting information about Johnny Dollar's Lemon squeezer.

Expense Account Item 2:

After discovering several movies and TV programs in which Bob Bailey appeared, I have added a "Bob Bailey" page with photos of Bob in action.

Expense Account Item 3:

In 2014 PBS aired a program on The American Experience called "The Poisoner's Handbook" - a fascinating program on how thousands were poisoned using common household products and the efforts of the NYC Medical Examiner's office to uncover the causes.

The OTR tie-in comes about 2/3 through the program with a discussion of Michael Malloy, alias "Mike the Durable" and "Iron Mike". Michael was killed (in 1933) for insurance money, but it took a great deal of effort to get Mike to succumb. If you listen to the Johnny Dollar program "The Indestructible Mike Matter", the title character Michael Jeremiah Flynn is clearly based on the real Mike Malloy.

Given that Jack Johnstone, the author of "The Indestructible Mike Matter", lived and worked in New York during that time period, it is reasonable to presume that he based his story on fact.

Expense Account Item 4:

I have added a page dedicated to the first Johnny Dollar - "Charles Russell", with photos from several of his movies.

Expense Account Item 5:

In the Second Edition, a different index was used. For those who prefer the indexing schema from the first edition, I have recreated it here as well as a PDF version.

Expense Account Item 6:

The Expense Totals on page 1253 of Volume II are incorrect. The total for Dick Powell is incorrect and a comma is missing in the total for Mandel Kramer. The correct totals are shown below.

Expense Account Item 7: In the Canonical Johnny Dollar section, pages 1309-10 there are two episodes erroniously marked as available - The Salt City Matter, Episode 2, and The Lonely Hearts Matter, Episode 4. These episodes are still among the lost. Thanks to Larry Hastings for finding these.
Expense Account Item 8 On page 1250, in the note about payment for The Ellen Dear Matter, the figures noted are in 2017 dollars, not 2007 dollars.
Expense Account Item 9 On page 1316, the entry for The Leumas Matter should be a "Y".
Expense Account Item 10 I have added an Interview with WAMU on my interview page.

The table below updates the expense account totals to show 2006, 2009 and 2017 values:

Actor Total 2006 Dollars 2009 Dollars 2017 Dollars
Dick Powell Total $1,182.23 $9,894.43 $10,458.57 $12,009.10
Charles Russell Totals $39,237.68 $332,423.34 $351,376.58 $408,025.80
Edmond O'Brien Totals $70,782.90 $574,384.30 $607,133.03 $711,681.56
John Lund Totals $42,998.79 $324,328.27 $342,819.97 $395,016.79
Gerald Mohr Total $4,515.00 $33,980.43 $35,917.84 $41,157.26
Bob Bailey Totals $135,311.86 $963,852.20 $1,018,806.59 $1,161,648.74
Bob Readick Totals $4,403.20 $29,759.13 $31,455.86 $38,594.93
Mandel Kramer Totals $16,693.27 $111,951.51 $118,296.42 $159,695.27
Grand Totals $316,039.53 $2,377,925.26 $2,513,503.55 $2,927,829.46

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