This page is dedicated to all the stuff that got left out of, put in incorrectly, or just plain messed up in the second edition of my book, The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter!

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Item 1:

I have added some interesting information about Johnny Dollar's Lemon squeezer.

Item 2:

After discovering several movies and TV programs in which Bob Bailey appeared, I have added a "Bob Bailey" page with photos of Bob in action.

Item 3:

In 2014 PBS aired a program on The American Experience called "The Poisoner's Handbook" - a fascinating program on how thousands were poisoned using common household products and the efforts of the NYC Medical Examiner's office to uncover the causes.

The OTR tie-in comes about 2/3 through the program with a discussion of Michael Malloy, alias "Mike the Durable" and "Iron Mike". Michael was killed (in 1933) for insurance money, but it took a great deal of effort to get Mike to succumb. If you listen to the Johnny Dollar program "The Indestructible Mike Matter", the title character Michael Jeremiah Flynn is clearly based on the real Mike Malloy.

Given that Jack Johnstone, the author of "The Indestructible Mike Matter", lived and worked in New York during that time period, it is reasonable to presume that he based his story on fact.

Item 4:

I have added a page dedicated to the first Johnny Dollar - "Charles Russell", with photos from several of his movies.

Item 5:

In the Second Edition, a different index was used. For those who prefer the indexing schema from the first edition, I have recreated it here as well as a PDF version.

Item 6:

The Expense Totals on page 1253 of Volume II are incorrect. The total for Dick Powell is incorrect and a comma is missing in the total for Mandel Kramer. The correct totals are shown below.

Item 7:

In the Canonical Johnny Dollar section, pages 1309-10 there are two episodes erroneously marked as available - The Salt City Matter, Episode 2, and The Lonely Hearts Matter, Episode 4. These episodes are still among the lost. Thanks to Larry Hastings for finding these.

Item 8:

On page 1250, in the note about payment for The Ellen Dear Matter, the figures noted are in 2017 dollars, not 2007 dollars.

Item 9:

On page 1316, the entry for The Leumas Matter should be a "Y".

Item 10

I have added an Interview with WAMU on my interview page.

Item 11

Recycling Redux: Based on a tip from Adam Graham I can add two additional recycled programs, both written by Robert Ryf. The first is the "Dangerous Assignment" program of 08/30/1950 Called "The Guided Missile Plans" which bears a striking resemblance to "The Picture Postcard Matter" aired the week of 10/01/1956.
The second is "The Whistler" program of 01/01/1949 called "The Tell-Tale Brand" which has the same story as "The Killer's Brand" of 08/11/1957.

Item 12

Thanks to Stewart Wright we have yet two more recycled programs:
• The Johnny Dollar episode "The Deadly Doubt Matter" which aired on 01/11/1959 and was written by Robert Stanley (Robert Ryf's pen name) was a reuse of the Michael Shayne script written by Robert Ryf for "The Case Of The Phantom Neighbor" which is generally considered episode # 25 of the syndicated series.
• The Robert Ryf script for The New Adventures of Michael Shayne episode "The Case Of The Left-Handed Fan" was recycled as the 5 Part YTJD program “The Amy Bradshaw Matter”.

Item 13

Thanks to the efforts of Joe Webb and Keith Scott in Australia, TWO MORE programs from the Bob Bailey series have been found:
"The Froward Fisherman Matter" dated 06/01/1958, and
"The Fire in Paradise Matter" dated 01/26/1958.

Item 14

I have added two new files to this website:
A Canonical list of all Yours Truly Johnny Dollar programs, and
A list of all Missing programs.

Item 15

After a discussion with a fellow researcher about my decision to list programs according to the ACTUAL script name, rather than the generally recognized name, I was gathering some numbers for an upcoming presentation a the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention (MANC) in September, 2019 and guess what? I found a title I had overlooked. The 5-part program "The Matter of Reasonable Doubt" which aired 5/28/1956 to 6/1/1956 is actually titled "The Reasonable Doubt Matter" on the script. That means that out of the 823 programs in my database, only 45 do not conform to the syntax of "The {something} Matter", and these are the Charles Russell and early Edmond O'Brien programs.

Item 16

Sad News - In early January the OTR community learned of the death of Stewart Wright, well known as one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable OTR researchers. I knew Stewart - but only as a voice on the phone and as a resource for information about Johnny Dollar, but I never actually met him. In the Second Edition of my book, Stewart's name is referenced many times in Volume II. He was free with information he had collected over the years, and took the time to research information for me on several of his trips to the Thousand Oaks Library. I will miss the 1-2 hour phone calls and the emails containing some new tidbit. RIP Stewart.

Item 17

I have added a new page listing the Announcers (if known) for all YTJD programs.

Item 18

While clearing out messages from my old Hotmail account, I came across messages from the late Bill Brooks and Bill Tracey. All of these messages impart some interesting information about YTJD:

From 2007 in a message from Bill Brooks - "I just got off the phone with Herb Ellis. He immediately confirmed that 1308 Pandora Av. was in fact Jack Johnstone's home address in L.A."

From Bill Tracey about his dicussions with Jack Johnstone's daughter Bonnie:
- "Bundy" was a nickname Jack had for his wife Anne (Anna?). It came from him describing her as a little bundle. Apparently, she was petite. She did not like the name and stopped it after they were divorced.
- Jack never had a Golden Hawk. I suspect he hung that on characters to type them as "fast" and/or irresponsibly wealthy.
- She laughed about the {Officer} "Conroy" question. It was the maiden name of one of her mother's friends. She knows Jack often used names or versions of names of people he knew; she said she can always tell a script he wrote for that reason. She was amazed to learn he once used his own address in a story -- she had no idea.
- One Sunday Bonnie accompanied her dad to the studio for a YTJD taping. She had heard the program, but this was the first time she had seen Bob Bailey. She said in her mind he was tall with brown hair. She was surprised to see he was short with gray hair.

In an email from Stewart Wright dated 2010 -
"I listened to the Richard Diamond episode "The Simpson Case" 01/18/1952 and the YTJD episode "The Jonathan Bellows Matter" 06/23/1953. Definitely a good example of script reuse.
The Richard Diamond, Private Detective program "The Tom Waxman Bombing Case" aired on June 26, 1949 was reused for "The Shayne Bombing Matter" Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar July 14, 1953."

Item 19

Dr. Joe Webb has located the following formerly "missing" programs on the site:
1953-12-22 192 The Rudy Valentine Matter WBBM.mp3
1954-06-22 218 The Arthur Boldrick Matter.mp3
1954-08-10 225 The Sarah Martin Matter.mp3

Item 20

While searching for the end of the Internet the other day, I ran across a very interesting set of US Navy training films on YouTube. They were made by 20th Century Fox in MCMXLIV (That's 1944 for those who have forgotten their Roman Numerals). If you search for the films "This Is It Reel 1" and "This Is It Reel 2", and if you pay attention, you will see not one, but TWO Johnny Dollars! In this set of films Charles Russell plays Ens. Anderson (who flunked navigation), and Bob Bailey, who plays the pilot of "Red-1". I am sure that there are other OTR actors in this film, but I spotted these two right off!

Item 21

During the Covid-19 stay-at-home situation I have been listening to a lot of OTR. While listening to "The Lineup" I found yet another reused program. The Lineup story "The Wild, Wild Woman Case" (written by E. Jack Neuman) from 10/14/1951 was reused on YTJD as "The Lancing Fraud Matter" on 2/13/1953. No audio file exists for the YTJD story, which (according to the script) features Bob Bailey. The stories differ in some minor details, but the main theme is there.

The table below updates the expense account totals to show 2006, 2009 and 2017 values:

Actor Total 2006 Dollars 2009 Dollars 2017 Dollars
Dick Powell Total $1,182.23 $9,894.43 $10,458.57 $12,009.10
Charles Russell Totals $39,237.68 $332,423.34 $351,376.58 $408,025.80
Edmond O'Brien Totals $70,782.90 $574,384.30 $607,133.03 $711,681.56
John Lund Totals $42,998.79 $324,328.27 $342,819.97 $395,016.79
Gerald Mohr Total $4,515.00 $33,980.43 $35,917.84 $41,157.26
Bob Bailey Totals $135,311.86 $963,852.20 $1,018,806.59 $1,161,648.74
Bob Readick Totals $4,403.20 $29,759.13 $31,455.86 $38,594.93
Mandel Kramer Totals $16,693.27 $111,951.51 $118,296.42 $159,695.27
Grand Totals $316,039.53 $2,377,925.26 $2,513,503.55 $2,927,829.46

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