This page is dedicated to all the stuff that got left out of, put in incorrectly, or just plain messed up in my book, The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter!


Expense Account Item 1:

Wouldn't you know it - as soon as I get the book published I find an episode I did not know existed. Select the link to view "The Robert W. Perry Case" as performed by Edmond O'Brien on March 3, 1950. See adjusted totals below as well.

Expense Account Item 2:

The story titled "The Cask of Death" is spelled incorrectly. It should be "The Casque of Death"

Expense Account Item 3:

The story titled "The Anita Buddha Matter" is spelled incorrectly. It should be "The Amita Buddha Matter"

Expense Account Item 4:

The Audition program "The Robert Perry Case" on page 1162 of Volume III, is not the correct program. According to information from the Old Time Radio Researchers Group, this program is not available.

Expense Account Item 5:

One thing that got left out of the book's index was an entry for writers and producers. To correct that omission, and to update the information on pages 24 and 25 of Volume I, I have provided a page index references for writers and producers.

Expense Account Item 6:

Just after the manuscript was finalized, I found a copy of "The Old Fashioned Murder Matter". It was too late to get it into the book, but I have included it here.

Expense Account Item 7:

Footnote #5 on page 26 is truncated. The entire text is:
"Based on conversations with my friend Bill Brooks, who was a friend of Jack Johnstone's, Ham and Buster were friends, and Lake Mojave Resort actually existed.

Expense Account Item 8:

On page 64, the first note for "The Racehorse Piledriver Matter" should read:
"He would have been off his feed if I didn't know my oats.

Expense Account Item 9:

On page 702, note #3 for the "The Dixon Murder Matter", "JEANETTE BERAND" should read "JEANETTE BERARD" (Sorry Jeanette).

Expense Account Item 10:

The first note on page 518 spells the name of the poison incorrectly. "LOPHERA PAPORAS CALENDIS" should be "BLEPHARA PURPURUS KELANDUS".

Expense Account Item 11:

One more program script has been provided to me - "The Draminski Matter" performed on 01/19/1954 with John Lund.

Expense Account Item 12:

After following up on an e-mail, the correct author for "The Jonathan Bellows Matter" (6/23/1954) should be Blake Edwards, and not Les Crutchfield

Expense Account Item 13:

Update to the program "Dr. Otto Schmedlich" - I recently obtained a copy of this program that contains the complete introduction:
"Well anyway, I learned the answer to the question 'What does a doctor do, when a doctor needs a doctor?'"
Additional information also includes:
Director: Gordon T. Hughes (Writers/Producers table updated)
Writers: Paul Dudley and Gil Doud (Writers/Producers table updated)
Music Director: Wilbur Hatch

Expense Account Item 14:

Update to "The Circus Animal Show Matter" - I recently obtained a copy of this program that contains the complete introduction:
"They say that big game hunting is a sport only for the wealthy. Well, it didn't cost me much, except almost my life."
Additional information also includes:
Director: Ralph Rose (Writers/Producers table updated)
Writers: Paul Dudley and Gil Doud (Writers/Producers table updated)

Expense Account Item 15:

Update to "The Big Date Matter" - I recently obtained an AFRS copy of this program that contains the complete introduction, which notes that Johnny was still in Miami, and had almost been killed solving a big jewelry robbery. This program does not include the trailer of my other copy which talks about the up coming case involving a fishing trip. There are STILL too many jots and tittles missing, in my opinion, to precisely date this program.

Expense Account Item 16:

I have added some interesting information about Johnny Dollar's Lemon squeezer.

Expense Account Item 17

After discovering several movies and TV programs in which Bob Bailey appeared, I have added a "Bob Bailey" page with photos of Bob in action.

Expense Account Item 18:

In January, 2013 I was asked why I included "The Ellen Dear Matter", which aired on 1/06/1957, as an audition program in Volume III, Section 7. I had to really dig back through my notes for this one, as there is no program clearly identified as an audition for Bob Bailey. After contacting my most knowledgeable resources, I determined that this topic deserves it's own page.
So, for a further discussion of this program, see my Bob Bailey Audition page.

Expense Account Item 18

The mystery is solved. See my Bob Bailey Audition page.

Expense Account Item 19:

A recent query from Joe Webb exposed another Johnny Dollar mystery. If seems that the program from 8/18/1953 - know as "The Isabelle James Matter" did not start out that way. It seems that the 1000 Oaks Library catalog, and the Script title pages available from OTRR list the program as "The Kimball Matter". For some reason, the name of the deceased was changed from Isabelle Kimball to Isabell James. A review of the script verifies that the only difference between the script and the available program is the name.

Expense Account Item 20:

The title of the program of 9/29/1956 is misspelled. It should be " The DoubtfulDairy Matter", not the "The Doubtful Diary Matter".

Expense Account Item 21:

PBS is currently playing a program on American Experience called "The Poisoner's Handbook - a fascinating program on how thousands were poisoned using common household products and the efforts of the NYC Medical Examiner's office to uncover the causes.

The OTR tie-in comes about 2/3 through the program with a discussion of Michael Malloy, alias "Mike the Durable" and "Iron Mike". Michael was killed (in 1933) for insurance money, but it took a great deal of effort to get Mike to succumb. If you listen to the Johnny Dollar program "Indestructible Mike", the title character Michael Jeremiah Flynn is clearly based on the real Mike Malloy.

Given that Jack Johnstone, the author of "Indestructible Mike", lived and worked in New York during that time period, it is reasonable to presume that he based his story on fact.

Expense Account Item 22:

I have added a page dedicated to the first Johnny Dollar - "Charles Russell", with photos from several of his movies.

Expense Account Item 23:

A recent question the OTR Digest arose over the date of the first program - "The Parakoff Policy". Thanks to research conducted by Stewart Wright after my books were published, we can set the actual date of the first program as February 18, 1949, NOT February 11, 1949.

With the addition of the O'Brien, Lund and Kramer stories above, the index entries for the actors should be adjusted as follows:

ActorOld TotalNew Total
Walter Burke1516
Jeanne Bates2425
Joe DuVal1314
Ted de Corsia89
Joyce McCluskey 12
Raymond Burr1516
Leora Thatcher23
Lawson Zerbe1718
Patsy Campbell12
John Seymour12
Richard Holland34
William Lipton 01
Lillian Buyeff 4142
Robert Griffin 67
Hal March 2223
Jay Novello 3334
Clayton Post2526

Items 1, 4, 6, and 11 above adjust the income for Edmond O'Brien, Charles Russell, John Lund and Mandel Kramer. O'Brien's should be increased by $463; Charles Russell's should be reduced by $1,263; Lund's should be increased by $348.40, Mandel Kramer's by $347.85. The figures for Mandel Kramer were in the table for 1962, but should have been 1961. The table below shows these changes, and updates the totals to show 2009 values:

ActorTotal2006 Dollars2009 Dollars
Gerald Mohr Total$4,515.00$33,980.43$35,917.84
Dick Powell Total$1,182.23$9,894.43$10,458.57
Charles Russell Totals$39,237.68$332,423.34$351,376.58
John Lund Totals$42,998.79$324,328.27$342,819.97
Bob Bailey Totals$135,311.86$963,852.20$1,018,806.59
Bob Readick Totals$4,403.20$29,759.13$31,455.86
Mandel Kramer Totals$16,693.27$111,951.51$118,296.42
Edmond O'Brien Totals$70,782.90$574,384.30$607,133.03
Grand Totals$316,039.53$2,377,925.26$2,513,503.55

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