It has been over 8 years in the making, but it is FINALLY HERE - my first published book:

The "Who is Johnny Dollar?" Matter

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

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"The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter" details the cases broadcast on the CBS radio program Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (YTJD) from 1949 until the end of radio drama in 1962, YTJD was a stalwart of radio drama. "The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter" provides a different look at Johnny Dollar - as if he were a real investigator.

"The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter" includes a a mini-biography of Johnny Dollar, and then provides a detailed description of each YTJD program, including:

  • The story details of each program
  • The Cast members for each program
  • The expenses for each case
  • The writers and directors for each program
  • A cross-reference to programs which use the same script with a different name and cast.
  • Story recaps of programs which only exist in the KNX collection of the Thousand Oaks, California library.

Volume I contains the biographical information, and the stories for the first three Johnny Dollars: Charles Russell, Edmund O'Brien, and John Lund.

Volume II contains all of the Bob Bailey stories.

Volume III contains the Bob Readick and Mandel Kramer stories. This volume also contains a financial analysis of Johnny's expenses updated to 21st century dollars, and a detailed listing of cases by insurance company

Each volume contains a detailed index catalogs each story, case location, actor and much more.

"The Who is Johnny Dollar Matter" is the definitive reference work for the cases handled by Johnny Dollar, both those currently available electronically, but also those available only in the KNX collection of the Thousand Oaks, California library.

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